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Meet the founder of PerfectLook Ltd., who in my profession is known as Mary only.
Mary végleges kép interjú

Introducing the founder of PerfectLook Ltd., Mary Karmacsi, or as she is called in the profession: Mary, who below expresses her unconditional love and commitment to the profession.

I have been a beautician since 2004, and in 2015 I became a master beautician and vocational teacher. Within my profession, I have always been attracted to procedures that produce spectacular results in the short term, such as: makeup, makeup tattoos – so lash extensions also aroused my interest. I knew right away that my big favorite would be to “produce” glamorous looks.

In 2015, I founded Perfect Look Ltd. To provide domestic professionals with internationally leading materials. Our company is the exclusive distributor of the Vivienne and Flawless by Loreta brands, founded by Olga Volkova, considered to be one of the biggest masters of eyelash construction.

Don’t risk, pay attention to the danger of allergies!

I always draw my students’ attention to the fact that the first time a guest has to be thoroughly questioned about any allergies they may have before working on their eyelashes, as pre-existing allergies (whether due to hair dye or cosmetics or food) may develop. If someone is allergic to two or three things, I get a risk rating. This means that I avoid using additional irritants during treatment, replacing them with medical grade, preferably hypoallergenic. Although most of the adhesives available today are safe, it is not a matter of individual predisposition to allergies, so we cannot completely eliminate it, but we can reduce the risk of developing it.

What advice do you have for those who are just starting out? In a word: Learn!

Besides, I think quality is the most important thing! I really love every part of my profession, it is wonderful and very grateful to decorate, I think I am very lucky because my job is my hobby.

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