Basic course

Elements of the basic course:

  • Basic Products & Equipment
  • Types of eyelash extensions
  • Bonding / preparation
  • Health & safety legislation
  • Contradictions, what to pay attention to
  • Allergies, cyanocrylate allergy / sensitivity to cyanocrylates, allergy test
  • Key points of eyelash extensions
  • How to apply appropriate amount of glue
  • Types of tweezers and efficient use of tweezers
  • Perfect separation, removing false eyelashes
  • Eyelash extension application, steps and process
  • Aftercare, removal process
  • The perfect eye shape, the anatomy of the eye
  • Exercise on a live model
  • Mentoring

Further benefits of the course:

All the necessary conditions and materials will be provided at the training. Upon completing the course successfully, you are going to get 10% discount, which you can use to make purchases in our shop and webshop as well.

140 000 Ft