Mega Russian Volume course

The Elements of the Mega Russian Volume course:

  • History and rules of Russian Volume technique
  • What kind of eyelashes can be used
  • How to pick up eyelashes for advanced professionals
  • Usage the right amount of glue
  • Russian Volume technique
  • How to achieve 2D-3D effects
  • How to achieve 4D-6D effect
  • The main points of applying volume eyelashes
  • Refill procedure, after care for volume eyelashes
  • Correct application of 5-6D eyelashes, styling
  • Tips and tricks for marketing
  • Practicing on a live model
  • Creating the perfect eye shape
  • Ongoing Mentoring Support

Further benefits of the course:

All the necessary conditions and materials provided at the training. Upon completing the course successfully, you are going to get 10% discount, which you can use to make purchases in our shop and webshop as well.

180 000 Ft