The miracle world of Vivienne

Explore the 3 basic pillars developed by Perfect Look Kft.
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For thousands of years, we women have wanted to emphasize the beauty of our eyes, which gives our appearance a sensuality and confidence. We have a solution for that. Developed by Perfect Look Kft. 1. The first pillar of high quality but good value eyelashes – Vivienne’s False Eyelashes forget the everyday problem of how to beautify yourself permanently with a variety of tools and products. Lots of time in the morning can be saved because Vivienne False Eyelashes help you to avoid your daily make-up and avoid the hassle of washing it off. Vivienne False Eyelashes provide a beautiful look even after waking up. What is Vivienne’s False Eyelashes?

  • flexibility and weightlessness
  • easy to adhere and long lasting effect
  • saturation and natural appearance in addition
  • Vivienne eyelashes hypoallergenic- and affordable

2. The second pillar is reliable and trouble-free adhesive – Vivienne’s product range offers a solution so you don’t have to compromise on adhesive. Vivienne Elit and Elit Flex Adhesives are non-sensitive to moisture, do not pinch or irritate. Their use results in fast and very durable fibrous eyelashes.

3. The Third Pillar of Excellent Technique – The procedure takes some time, but the end result is irresistible. With good technique, the quality of work can be raised and installation time reduced. Our trainings are different from the rest in that we focus on making 100% Flawless Masterpieces that cannot be learned just by learning how to lash each other. “You need to raise the level of eyelash extensions because too many of us have had bad experiences, but it doesn’t have to be that way!”

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